SMAC Winter Championship Award

The Winter Championship award is a point score system across the 10 rounds of the Athletics

Victoria competition.



Below is an example of how the point score is derived:

Albert Park 10km (Round 6, 2014)

Fastest Male time of the day 30.15 (or 1815 seconds)

SMAC Athlete Corey Lawson Time on the day 34.44 (or 2084 seconds)

1815/2084*1000= 871 points



Don’t forget:

Run all the way to the finish as your point score is based on the time difference between your finishing time and the winning time (not your placing in the field)

Women’s times and junior times will be compared against the quickest times in their divisions.

Of the 10 rounds in the XCR, season, your best 8 races will be considered for the award

The Ekiden relay at Anglesea will have a base total of 800 points for all runners as we run different distances