Club Records


The Club’s Minutes Books and available Annual Reports, newsletters and results sheets were collected by the President, Stuart Nicol, in 2011. These have recently been studied by Gordon Cumming in an attempt to establish a complete list of our Club Records. Not all of the Annual Reports could be obtained (see note 1 below), however records were generally ratified at meetings of the Club’s Executive Committee and listed in  the minutes. Records before 1955 were also listed in the notebook “Club Records” which is in the Club’s possession. Many of the records were set in the pre-metric days of yards, feet and inches. Whether these are converted to “equivalent” metric records is a matter for the Club’s administration. Until the Men’s and Women’s Associations combined (in 1982) the Club did not have women members, so women’s records or best performances begin in the 1980’s.
To qualify for running (or walking) records, performances must be have been done in officially sanctioned events on a measured 400m or 440yds track. This has resulted in some records not properly reflecting the standard within the Club. This is particularly true for running records between 15,000m and 25,000m. These events are often conducted on carefully measured road courses, but are rarely held on the track. Therefore best performances by Club members over these distances are included in this list as “road” events.
The name of the Club has changed over the years. It was originally named The Middle Park Church of Christ Amateur Athletic Club, then The Middle Park Amateur Athletic Club and The South Melbourne Harriers before acquiring its present title. The performances listed here date from the earliest times.



EVENT                     RECORD HOLDER                                    TIME/DISTANCE                           DATE (2)

100yds run

F. Cunningham                                   10.4 sec                                               1934/35
George Beslee                                     10.3 sec                                               1937
L. Fyfe                                                    10.3 sec                                               1947
L. Fyfe                                                    10.2 sec                                               1947
G. Tegart                                             10.2 sec                                               15/1/1949
John Davies                                         10.2 sec                                               11/2/1966
John Davies                                         10.0 sec                                               1967

220yds run

F. Cunningham                                   23.5 sec                                               1932/33
David Burns @                                   22.9 sec                                               1933/34
E. Large                                              23.1 sec                                               1942/43
D. Weddall                                         23.0 sec                                               1946
L. Fyfe                                                   22.6 sec                                               1947
John Davies                                         22.4 sec                                               19/2/1966
John Davies                                         21.8 sec                                               1967

400m run

John Murray                                        49.3 sec                                               3/1/1955

440yds run

Arthur Baker                                       52.8 sec                                               1931
Stan Wisby                                          52.4 sec                                               1947
John Murray                                        51.4 sec                                               1956
John Murray                                        50.5 sec                                               1956/57
John Davies                                         50.5 sec                                               15/1/1966
John Davies                                         49.5 sec                                               1967
John Davies                                         49.4 sec                                               1967

800m run

John Murray                                        1min 51.6sec                                       7/12/1955

880yds run

David Burns                                        2min 4.5sec                                         1933
Ron Ditchfield                                     2min 3.5sec                                         27/11/1948
John Murray                                        2min 1sec                                            12/12/1953
John Murray                                        2min 0.5sec                                         6/1/1954
John Murray                                        1min 57.2sec                                       20/2/1954
John Murray                                        1min 54.7sec                                       8/12/1954
John Murray                                        1min 52.1sec                                       /2/1956
John Murray                                        1min 51.8sec                                       8/12/1957

1000m run

John Murray                                        2min 26.1sec
John Murray                                        2min 23.6sec                                       6/10/1956
John Murray                                        2min 22.9sec                                       12/12/1957

1500m run

John Murray                                        3min 57.6sec                                       1955
John Murray                                        3min 50.6sec                                       1956

1 mile run

David Burns                                        4min 39sec                                          1933/34
David Burns                                        4min 35sec                                          1938
John Murray                                        4min 33.7sec                                       17/1/1953

John Murray                                        4min 32.4sec                                       21/11/1953
John Murray                                        4min 15.4sec                                       1955
John Murray                                        4min 6.8sec                                         1956
John Murray                                        4min 5.0sec                                         7/12/1957
John Murray                                        4min 4.1sec                                         7/2/1959

2000m run

John Murray                                        5min 22.8sec                                       7/11/1956

3000m run

John Murray                                        8min 29.3sec                                       3/3/1958
John Murray                                        8min 9.6sec                                         1959

2 mile run

Jack Campbell                                     10min 35sec                                        1946
Jack Campbell                                     10min 25sec                                        22/1/1949
John Murray                                        8min 57.4sec                                       1956
Kevin Falloon                                     8min 54sec                                          1969

3 mile run

William Sutton                                    17min 0sec                                          1934

Arthur Bray                                         16min 50sec                                        1938
Jack Campbell                                     16min 48sec                                        18/12/1948
Jack Campbell                                     16min 26sec                                        1949
Max Negri                                           15min 56sec                                        1951
Max Negri                                           15min 52sec                                        15.12.1951
John Murray                                        14min 9.6sec                                       26/10/1957

John Murray                                        13min 44.8sec                                     1958

5000m run

Jim Crawford                                      16min 30sec                                        1959
Kevin Falloon                                     14min 34sec                                        1970/71
Bill Jones                                             14min 33sec                                        1971/72
Reuben Kosgei                                    14min 2sec                                          2012

6 mile run

Max Negri                                           33min 12.0 sec                                    1957
Jim Crawford                                      32min 32sec                                        28.7.1962
Jim Crawford                                      30min 44sec                                        19.2.1964
David Jones                                        30min 43sec                                        15.3.1968
Jim Crawford                                      30min 8.7sec                                       6/2/1969
Kevin Falloon                                     29min 28sec                                        24/2/1970

10,000m run

Wolf Voigt                                          32min 32sec                                        9/12/1964
Gordon Cumming                               31min 50sec                                        20/12/1967
Jim Crawford                                      31min 26sec                                        30/3/1969
Bill Jones                                             31min 2sec                                          1972
(6 mile record is superior)

15,000m road run

Gordon Cumming                               49min 3 sec                                         3/4/1969
Bill Jones                                             47min 22sec                                        5/8/1972
John Harrison                                      47min 22sec                                        12/8/1972

10 mile run

Jim Crawford                                      54min 16sec                                        28/7/1962
Wolf Voigt                                          53min 15sec                                        3/3/1965

10 mile road run

Kevin Falloon                                     51min 13sec                                        2/8/1969

1 hour run

Jim Crawford                                      11miles 115yds 6ins                            28/7/1962

Wolf Voigt                                          11miles 217yds                                   24/2/1965

15 mile run

Gordon Cumming                               84min 53sec                                        29/8/1964

15 mile road run

Jim Crawford                                      79min 1sec                                          31/8/1068

25,000m road run

Half marathon

Berhanu Tesfaye                                 1hr 13min 3sec                                    10/9/2010
Reuben Kosgei                                    1hr 6min 23sec                                    20/10/2011
Reuben Kosgei                                    1hr 3min 43sec                                    2012

20 mile run

Jim Crawford                                      1hr 54min 15sec                                  29/8/1964

2 hour run

Jim Crawford                                      21miles 15yds                                     29.8.1964


Richard Atkinson                                3hr 17min 47sec                                  1951
Max Negri                                           2hr 41min 17sec                                  1953
John Murray                                        2hr 39min 5sec                                    1959
Jim Crawford                                      2hr 34min 40sec                                  6/6/1964
Gordon Cumming                               2hr 31min 43sec                                  1967
Jim Crawford                                      2hr 31min 35sec                                  1969
Kevin Falloon                                     2hr 29min 53sec                                  1969/70
Kevin Falloon                                     2hr 27min 56sec                                  31/7/1971
Kevin Falloon                                     2hr 21min 46sec                                  1973/74
Wondwosen Gelata                            2hr 18min 43sec                                  2010/11

50 mile run

Philip Lear                                           5hr 47min 45sec                                  11/7/1981

100km run

Philip Lear                                           9hours 12min 1sec                              4/2/1984
Joe Gobel*                                          9hours 5min 26sec                              15/9/1985
Peter Logan                                         8hours 57min                                      1985
Geoff Hook                                        8hours 56min 58sec                            8/4/1990

Kirstin Bull                                          7hours 39min 28sec                  19/9/2015

Kirstin Bull                                          7hours 34min 25sec                27/11/2016

100 mile run

Gerry Riley*                                       19hours 11min 57sec                          1984/85
Gerry Riley                                         17hours 38min 2 sec                           4/2/1984
Gerry Riley                                         17hours 15min 59sec                          2/11/1986

24 hours run

Gerry Riley                                         126miles 880yds                                 4-5/2/1984
Gerry Riley*                                       204km 51.6m                                      1984/85
Gerry Riley                                         210km 272m                                       2/11/1986

100yds hurdles

William Buchanan                               13.2 sec                                               1942

110m hurdles

Konrad Grimm                                    16.0 sec                                               1969/70
Konrad Grimm                                    15.9 sec                                               6/7/1971
Konrad Grimm                                    15.9 sec                                               4/3/1972

120yds hurdles

William Buchanan                               17.1 sec                                               1936
William Buchanan                               16.9 sec                                               1939
Arne Anderson                                   16.6 sec                                               1940
Colin Crawford                                   16.6 sec                                               23/11/1957
Colin Crawford                                   16.4 sec                                               21/12/1957
John Ambrose                                     16.4 sec                                               21/12/1957
John Ambrose                                     16.1 sec                                               17/1/1959
Konrad Grimm                                    16.0 sec                                               1969/70
Konrad Grimm                                    15.9 sec                                               1971/72

220yds hurdles

G. Teggart                                           27.0 sec                                               5/2/1949
G. Teggart                                           26.6 sec                                               1950
John Ambrose                                     26.5 sec                                               23/11/1957
Colin Crawford                                   26.5 sec                                               11/1/1958
John Ambrose                                     26.3 sec                                               14/2/1959

440yds hurdles

David Burns                                        60.5 sec                                               1933/34
David Burns                                        60.0 sec                                               1934
William Buchanan                               59.9 sec                                               1939
William Buchanan                               59.0 sec                                               1939
Arne Anderson                                   58.4 sec                                               1947
Colin Crawford                                   57.0 sec                                               30/11/1957
Colin Crawford                                   56.3 sec                                               1/3/1958

2,000m steeplechase

G. Davis*                                            7min 7sec                                            1981/82

3,000m steeplechase

Max Negri                                           10min 28 sec                                       1952
Jim Crawford                                      10min 27.8 sec                                    1957?

Jim Crawford                                      9min 56.0 sec                                      15/2/1958
Jim Crawford                                      9min 36.2 sec                                      ?/3/1962
Jim Crawford                                      9min 34.4 sec                                      12/12/1964
Jim Crawford                                      9min 27.8sec                                       1967
Kevin Falloon                                     9min 24.2sec                                       1/3/1969
Kevin Falloon                                     9min 15.0sec                                       20/12/1969
Kevin Falloon                                     9min 6sec                                            1969/70
Kevin Falloon                                     9min 2.2sec                                         25/4/1972
Reuben Kosgei                                    8min 39.38sec                                     10/12/2011

1500m walk

Colin Crawford*                                 7min 36sec                                          1976/77
Michael Crawford*                             7min 20sec                                          1982/83
Michael Crawford*                             6min 57sec                                          1983/84

1 mile walk

J. Lockett                                            7min 40sec                                          1931/32
Walter Knott                                       7min 37sec                                          1945/46
Walter Knot                                        6min 57.0sec                                       1947

2 mile walk

Gordon Cumming                               16min 0.8sec                                       29.2.1964

Gordon Cumming                               15min 58sec                                        19.12.1964

3 mile walk

T. Howell                                            27min 29sec                                        1933/34
Charles Jacobson                                 26min 27.4sec                                     1935
Charles Jacobson                                 25min 52.4sec                                     1938
Walter Knott                                       25min 52.3sec                                     1945/46
Walter Knot                                        24min 7sec                                          1947

5 mile walk

Albert Atkin                                        47min 42sec                                        12/10/1957

10,000m walk

Albert Atkin                                        59min 6sec                                          12/10/1957

15,000m walk

Albert Atkin                                        89min 26.4sec                                     12/10/1957

10 mile walk

Albert Atkin                                        96min 54sec                                        12/10/1957

1 hour walk

Albert Atkin                                        6mile 540yds                                       12/10/1957

Broad jump

Donald Webb                                      19ft 5.75ins                                         1934
Alex Doig                                           19ft 8ins                                              1938
Kevin Murphy                                     19ft 9ins                                              1945/46
Phil McLaughlin                                 20ft 4.5ins                                           1946
Kevin Murphy                                     20ft 11ins                                            23/11/1957
Kevin Murphy                                     21ft 11.5ins                                         14/12/1957
Kevin Murphy                                     22ft 3ins                                              19/12/1957
Kevin Murphy                                     23ft 1.5ins                                           1960

Triple jump

Arthur Baker                                       44ft 1in                                               1930
Kevin Murphy                                     44ft 6ins                                              27/2/1960

High jump

Donald Webb                                      5ft 7ins                                                1933/34

Donald Webb                                      5ft 10.5ins                                           1933/34
Donald Webb                                      6ft                                                       1934
Konrad Grimm                                    6ft                                                       1.12.1962
Konrad Grimm                                    6ft 1/2ins                                             23.3.1964

Konrad Grimm                                    6ft 3/4ins                                             22.2.1965

Pole vault

A. McLean                                          9ft 6ins                                                1934
John Blanchonette                              9ft 6ins                                                1953
John Blanchonette                              9ft 9ins                                                1953
Ron McDonald                                   10ft                                                     1/3/1958
(8/11/ & 13/12/1958, 24/1/1959)
Konrad Grimm                                    10ft 6ins                                  12.1.1963 & 5/4/1963
Konrad Grimm                                    11ft 0ins                                              16.12.1967

Javelin throw

J. Higginbotham                                  120ft 0ins                                            1930
D. Weddall                                         127ft 7ins                                            1945/46
Bernard Leonard                                 162ft 6ins                                            1947
Bernard Leonard                                 162ft 10.5ins                                       1950
Michael Mannion                                168ft 4ins                                            22/2/1958
Konrad Grimm                                    171ft 5ins                                            1958
Michael Mannion                                190ft 10ins                                          1958
Michael Mannion                                192ft 3ins                                            15.12.1962

Michael Mannion                                207ft 6ins                                            23.2.1963

Michael Mannion                                211ft 8ins                                            9.3.1964

Michael Mannion                                233ft 3ins                                            21.2.1965

Discus throw

Donald Webb                                      91ft 10ins                                            1934
Bernard Leonard                                 95ft                                                     1945/46
Bernard Leonard                                 95ft 3ins                                              26/2/1949
Bernard Leonard                                 110ft 9ins                                            1950
Richard Leffler                                   116ft 1ins                                            26/10/1957
Richard Leffler                                   118ft 0ins                                            21/12/1957
Michael Mannion                                119ft 6ins                                            18/1/1958
Michael Mannion                                122ft 9.5ins                                         15/2/1958
Michael Mannion                                126ft 1in                                             1/3/1958
Eric Christian                                      132ft 5.5ins                                         16/1/1960
Michael Mannion                                149ft 7ins                                            1962
Michael Mannion                                151ft 1in                                             9.2.1963

16lb shot put

Donald Webb                                      31ft 0.5ins                                           1930
Donald Webb                                      32ft 7ins                                              1939
Donald Webb                                      32ft 10.5ins                                         1939
Donald Webb                                      33ft 4.5ins                                           1939
Donald Webb                                      34ft 4ins                                              1940
Donald Webb                                      35ft 10ins                                            1942/43
Doug Lee-Archer                                35ft 11ins                                            1953/54

Doug Lee-Archer                                37ft 5ins                                              1956
Richard Leffler                                   39ft 0ins                                              26/10/1957
Michael Mannion                                40ft 4.5ins                                           9.1.1963

Michael Mannion                                40ft 10.5ins                                         2.2.1963

Michael Mannion                                42ft 8ins                                              7.12.1963

12lb shot put

Donald Webb                                      38ft 2ins                                              1942/43
Doug Lee-Archer                                39ft 5ins                                              1950/51
Doug Lee-Archer                                42ft 6.5ins                                           1953
Richard Leffler                                   44ft 3.75ins                                         19/10/1957

Hammer throw

Donald Webb                                      57ft 7ins                                              1934
Kevin Murphy                                     72ft 1.5ins                                           1947
Ron Butterworth                                 80ft 2ins                                              1950
Ivan Rice                                             92ft 3.5ins                                           1950/51
Ivan Rice                                             99ft 10ins                                            1951/52
Ivan Rice                                             100ft 10.5ins                                       1951/52
Ivan Rice                                             108ft 11ins                                          1953
Ivan Rice                                             119ft 0ins                                            1954
Richard Leffler                                   154ft 11ins                                          26/10/57
Richard Leffler                                   155ft 9ins                                            2/11/1957
Richard Leffler                                   161ft 3ins                                            7/12/1957
Richard Leffler                                   163ft 5ins                                            8/12/1957
Richard Leffler                                   171ft 4ins                                            18/11/1957
Richard Leffler                                   175ft 9.5ins                                         22/2/1958
Richard Leffler                                   192ft 9ins                                            29/11/1958
Richard Leffler                                   199ft 11.5ins                                       1961

Track aggregate

G. Teggart                                           152.5 points                                        1949/50
Colin Crawford                                   176.5 points                                        1955/56
Colin Crawford                                   184.5 points                                        1957/58
Konrad Grimm                                    209 points                                           1971/72


Michael Mannion                                2123 points                                         1958
Konrad Grimm                                    2284 points                                         1959
Michael Mannion                                2789 points                                         27/3/1960


Konrad Grimm                                    5327 points                                         6&7.4.1963

JUNIOR  (under 19)

100yds run

L. Fyfe                                                            10.5sec                                                1946
Neil Robinson                                    10.5sec                                                1947
Kevin Murphy                                     10.5 sec                                               14/2/1959
John Davies                                         10.2 sec                                               11/2/1966

220yds run

Neil Robinson                                     23.5 sec                                               1947
Ian Caldow                                         23.5 sec                                               14/12/1957
Ian Caldow                                         23.3 sec                                               11/1/1958
John Davies                                         22.4 sec                                               19/2/1966

440yds run

A. Robertson                                       53.7sec                                                8/2/1958
John Davies                                         50.5 sec                                               15/1/1966

800m run

Edward Lee                                        1min 57.5sec                                       1956

880yds run

Edward Lee                                        2min 0sec                                            1955
Edward Lee                                        1min 57.7sec                                       1956

1 mile run

Edward Lee                                        4min 32.8sec                                       1955
Edward Lee                                        4min 26sec                                          1956

100yds hurdles

J. Laidler                                             13.6sec                                                1944


Neil Robinson                                     13.5sec                                                1948

120yds hurdles

John Ambrose                                     16.4sec                                                21/12/1957
(3ft 6ins)

220yds hurdles

John Ambrose                                     26.5sec                                                23/11/1957
2ft 6ins)

1 mile walk

Albert Atkin                                        8min 50sec                                          1956
Ron Lee                                              8min 16.6sec                                       1957

Broad jump

J. Laidler                                             19ft 4ins                                              1944
Colin Crawford                                   19ft 6ins                                              1952
Colin Crawford                                   19ft 6ins                                              1956
Kevin Murphy                                     20ft 11ins                                            23/11/1957
Kevin Murphy                                     21ft 11.5ins                                         14/12/1957
Kevin Murphy                                     22ft 3ins                                              19/12/1957

Triple jump

J. Laidler                                             41ft 6ins                                              1944
Kevin Murphy                                     42ft 0ins                                              21/12/1957
Kevin Murphy                                     42ft 8.5ins                                           1/3/1958
Kevin Murphy                                     42ft 11.5ins                                         14/2/1959
Gerald Glover                                     43ft 1.5ins                                           10.11.1962

High jump

J. Laidler                                             5ft 4ins                                                1944
William Thomson                                5ft 6ins                                                1956
Peter Mowat                                       5ft 6.5ins                                             9/1/1960
James Rowe                                        5ft 9ins                                                18.12.1962
James Rowe                                        5ft 10ins                                              9.2.1963

Pole vault

R. Makin                                             7ft                                                       1948
Ron McDonald                                   9ft 0in                                                 1957
J. Stewart                                            9ft 6ins                                                1958

Javelin throw

Jack Hinshelwood                               96ft 9ins                                              1947
R. Makin                                             121ft 7.5ins                                         1947
William Thomson                                126ft 10.5ins                                       1956
Michael Mannion (Snr Javelin)           150ft 4.5ins                                         23/11/1957
Michael Mannion        ..          ..          150ft 10ins                                          14/12/1957
Michael Mannion        ..          ..          154ft 9ins                                            11/1/1958
Michael Mannion        ..          ..          158ft 5ins                                            8/2/1958

Michael Mannion        ..          ..          168ft 4ins                                            22/2/1958
Michael Mannion                                186ft 4ins                                            1958
Gerald Glover                                     186ft 9ins                                            23.2.1963

Discus throw

H. Milburn                                          93ft 5ins                                              1946
(junior weight)            Robert Collins                                     114ft 4.5ins                                         1947
Robert Collins                                     115ft 5ins                                            1947
Charles Glover                                    123ft 9ins                                            7/3/1959
Michael Mannion                                139ft 5ins                                            20/2/1960

Discus throw

Michael Mannion                                113ft 10ins                                          9/11/1957
Michael Mannion                                119ft 6ins                                            18/1/1957
Michael Mannion                                122ft 9.5ins                                         15/2/1958
Michael Mannion                                126ft 1in                                             1/3/1958

Shot put

(8 lb)                                  Nick Lappas                                        44ft 1in                                               1946

(12 lb)                                Chris Watson                                      36ft 11ins                                            7/6/1959



100 m run

M. Rowe*                                           14.3sec                                                1983/84

200m run

M. Rowe*                                           29.4sec                                                1983/84

400m run

Julie McKie* #                                    61.44sec                                              1989/90
Julie Gogos * #                                   61.03sec                                              1990/91
Julie Gogos * #                                   59.76sec                                              1991/92

800m run

Geraldine Riley*                                 2min 33sec                                          1981/82

Julie Gogos* #                                    2min 15.5sec                                       1990/91

1500m run

Geraldine Riley*                                 5min23sec                                           1981/82

Geraldine Riley*                                 4min 32.9sec                                       1983/84

Julie Gogos* #                                    4min 30sec                                          1990/91

1 mile run

Julie McKie* #                                    5min 1sec                                            1989/90
Julie Gogos* #                                    4min 57sec                                          1991/92

3,000m run

Geraldine Riley*                                 9min 59sec                                          1983/84
Kate Seibold-Crosbie*                        9min 55sec                                          5.3.2010

5,000m run

Geraldine Riley*                                 20min 59sec                                        1981/82
Geraldine Riley*                                 17min 46sec                                        1983/84
Julie McKie* #                                    17min 44sec                                        1989/90
Julie Gogos* #                                    16min 54sec                                        1990/91
Sinead Diver                                       16min 24.46sec                                   2011/12

10,000m run

Geraldine Riley*                                 35min 38.9sec                                     1983/84
Sinead Diver                                       33min 55.96sec                                   2011/12

Half Marathon

Sinead Diver                                       1hour 16min 2sec                                2011/12


Geraldine Riley*                                 3hr 4min52sec                                     27.3.1983
Julie McKie* #                                    3hr 1min 23sec                                    1986
Julie McKie* #                                    2hr 52min 12sec                                  1987

Sinead Diver                                      2hr 34min 15sec                                   2014

50 mile run

Geraldine Riley                                   9hours 39min 9sec                              15/2/1986

100km run

Geraldine Riley                                   12hours 8min 5sec                              16/2/1986

100mile run

Geraldine Riley                                   21hours 49min 34sec                          16/2/1986

24hour run

Geraldine Riley*                                 121km                                                 1985/86
Geraldine Riley                                   164km 568m                                       16/2/1986


(1)42 Annual Reports have been collected and searched for records. The oldest report is from 1929 but there are only 14 before 1970. However the collection is complete from 1969 to 1996, with 2011 being the most recent.
Minutes books from the Club’s beginning until 11/12/1985 have been searched.
(2)The date is often that of the Annual Report where the record was listed.

@   This performance was listed as a club record in the 1933/34 Annual Report. However, in more recent years the slower times of E. Large and D. Wedall were listed as records. Nothing was found in the minutes to dispute the validity of Burn’s time.

* After the early 1970’s club records were rarely listed as such. The performances in the events marked with * are the best that could be found in the information cited.

# Julie McKie became Julie Gogos when she married.

Long Distance Records

At a meeting on the 14th of December 1983 Club’s executive committee decided that Club records could be recognized for performances on the track over the following distances:-
50 miles, 100 kilometers, 100 miles and 24 hours.

Junior Records (under17)

At the meeting of the Club’s Executive Committee held on the 13th of December 1972 it was decided that standards be set for junior (under 17) records. The Committee decided that 60 seconds was a reasonable performance for 400metres a list of comparable performances for other events was drawn up (using decathlon tables) These were presented and approved at the Committee meeting held on the 19th of March 1973.
The standards are listed below. Some had already been beaten and these performances are included.

Event                                                   Existing Record or Standard

100m                                                               12.8sec
200m                                                               26.6sec
400m                                                               57.1sec – Colin Crawford Dec 1952
800m                                                               2min 22sec
1500m                                                             4min 55sec
3000m                                                             10min 45sec
5000m                                                             18min 55sec
10000m                                                           40min 0sec
3000m Steeplechase                                                    12min 10sec
1500m Steeplechase                                                    5min 30sec

110m hurdles                                                              21.0sec

High Jump                                                                   5ft 0ins
Long Jump                                                                  19ft 6ins – Colin Crawford 1952/53
Triple Jump                                                                 30ft 5ins – Colin Crawford 1952/53
Pole Vault                                                                   8ft 6ins

Shot Put                                                                      32ft
Discus throw                                                               126ft 1ins – Michael Manion 1/3/1958 (senior discus)
Javelin throw                                                               168ft 4ins – Michael Manion 22/2/1958 (senior javelin)
Hammer throw                                                            85ft

1500m Walk                                                                9min 0sec
3000m Walk                                                                18min 30sec

Note:  The above records and standards applied to boys. At the time SMAC was a male only club.

Gordon Cumming, February 2013