XCR’16 Round 10 Tan Relays

Where to begin other than the Premier Women sealing the deal to win South Melbourne’s first ever Premier Division title! Another great effort by Sinead, Bronwyn, Anna and Jayne to leave Club sec Deborah Niccol with the victory lap. Well done to them Alana, Dervila & Kirstin for the hard running across the season which saw them never finish a race below second. Some pretty inspiring efforts and it has been great to watch.

The strength in depth showed with an excellent 3rd place in the Div 2 Womens. Props to DervilaGabiChess & KB – who is now really well set for her 100km, or 26.17 Tan laps. Then came Sherrine, Kristel, Rosa & Ingridplacing 8th in Div3 and burning up Div4 was Ali, Caz Scotty and Katie. Div 5 was headed by Samantha, middled by Linda and rounded of by Judit. Excellent effort to all!

Getting stuck into the Men and after once allowing me to run in the Div 2 team there appears to have been a crisis meeting and mass recruitment drive. It was great to see new faces with Felix leading the charge with the days quickest time with a blistering 12.21. We welcomed in new draft picks Clovis and Adronis who alongside Aaron, Ian and Michael showed that there is a lot to look forward for next season.

My fingers are getting tired so well ran to Jack & Mark Doughty, Eran, John Nicola, Mikael, Howard, Pres, PintoRossie & Rossy, Jack Nicol, Simon, Nelroy, Andrew Sutherlando, before the gun team of Greg, Peter, Tim, Simon. Phew.

Throughout the year we have been blessed with the help of some wonderful volunteers, bakers, BBQers, Tent putter uppers, flag waverers. Thanks Caz, Mark & Rosa for the sweet goods, Sam Nicola & Innocent for the savourys and Rhiannon, Ali & Kim Wen for making sure no one got lost. Life Members Jim & Colin Crawford, Peter Logan, Ivor John Carter all came down as well to support.

All this name dropping wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all the hard work put in by our dear leader Michael. Thanks for the time, effort and speeches you put in, and for all the assistance you provide along with Deb Niccol & Stuart Nicol (no relation…).

Its been great fun Captaining you all with the wonderful Claire Thomas, the glamourous Mark Hayes and the rugged Alana Plymin. You have all been excellent foils to my leadership.

SMAC doesn’t finish when XCR does though, so stay tuned for Track season updates, Christmas Award Night and the much anticpated about Stuart Nicol Running-Beer-Crawl…

By Joe Rainer