XCR’16 Round 8 – Anglesea Ekiden Relays

By Claire Thomas


The Surf Coast put on picture perfect conditions for the much loved Anglesea Ekiden Relay this weekend. The Women’s Premier Division took home the bacon yet again after a convincing win and edged a little closer to the Premiership title. Sinead Diver decided she was enjoying the flora and fauna along the costal trials so much that she treated herself to a little detour. Despite this she still managed to come into transition in first place. Respect 👌. In fact Diver was enjoying the scenery that much she borrowed Linda’s new fancy binoculars and went back post race for a spot of whale watching, missing the presentations all together.

Not the only one to be MIA, with Ben Thomas reportedly spending some quality time in Anglesea Campsite Dunny as Chris Parker came into transition. Thankfully the men’s Div 2 team had it together finishing up in 4th spot with strong runs across the board. Mark Haysey Hayes pulled out his fastest km of the day getting his ass to transition in a rather nippy 3.40 according to Strava. It was all down hill from there and Haysey was out classed in the 9.8km by Mr President, Michael Sylvester in a cracking 42.17. As a result shares in the Mark Hayes Running Academy have since plummeted. Proving there’s life in the old dog yet Tim Crosbie got around the hilly 5.2km in a spritely 26.7 and as a result collects Men’s Run Of The Day.

Thankfully Gabi reserved her speed for the trails this year, and not the Princess Hwy. Gabi managed to get home without 6 demerit points on her license, instead helping to secure a couple of points for the Women’s Div 2 team, with the girls finishing in a respectable 2nd spot. Women’s Run of The Day goes to Chess:AKA Franny Craddock/AKA Franny after she knocked out a very steady 7.9km. Franny, deciding this wasn’t enough went on to run a total of 24km…either that or she was chasing Pokemon??

Shout outs to our volunteers; Laura Aston, Mrs Kincaid, Mick, K Rodd, Chris, Linda D and Nav Man.