XCR’16 Round 9 Burnley Half

After a few weeks hiatus, the Australian National Cross Country Champions were back in action again. The scene was Burnley and a half mara around everyone’s favourite 4.5/3/2 lap (delete as appropriate) circuit.

The SMACing that was dished out by the premiers elect is starting to get a bit rude. When you can leave stellar cast member Anna Kelly on the sideline and still boost 4 (four!) in the top 8 it is probably time that someone got Fairwork involved. Amazing battle between Jayne & Alana a few minutes back from the stars Humphrys & the tempoing Diver. Poor Kirstin Bull ran her heart out for that 5th slot, only for some paper-pushers to remove the final points scoring position. This was without informing a certain captain who embarrassed himself with his on-course cheering.

The great runs continued down the field – Kristel Janssens running a great time of 1hr 41 – which takes home the big run of the day prize! Ingrid Morrison, Samantha Anne and Caroline Scott all ran very good races, and the mustard girl Claire Thomas was right at home with a bunch of unknown chips.

Over in the men it was like caviar served in a used bed pain with some excellent performances mixed with something very questionable. Michael Bridges was excellent again Aaron Murphy amazed everyone with how quickly he has returned to the forefront with a cracking sub 80. Brendonlooked very comfortable and not many could Trump the President. Hilaryious. However run of the day went to Ross Pentland for a fantastic time. That sub 90 can’t be far off.

Well done to everyone who ran and thanks again to those who get there early and leave late to assist with set up, volunteering. It is really appreicated. Thanks also to Deborah Niccol for getting us all organised and doing the thankless admin tasks.

Big thanks to Judit Dencs, Linda Dugina, Katie Rodd and Helena Cairney for their volunteering work during the Burnley Half Marathon on Sunday. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

Thanks to all of you who didn’t run and came and supported. A true sign a of a great club to be a part of.


By Joe Rainer, Kirstin Bull